Bending bench


Press Brake with auto tool changer. Unparalleled flexibility and productivity.


Named HD for its combined electric servo-motors and bi-directional hydraulic pumps, the start-stop technology allows rotation of the pump only during the bending cycle. The result is reduced consumption of electricity and volume of oil, as well as fewer maintenance operations. This system contributes to the excellent bending results obtained from the state-of-the-art HD range. Another innovative device is the piloted deforming beam. The beam deflection is fully controlled by the numerical control.

The HD version 1003 ATC offers even more flexibility and productivity.

A four-axis manipulator precisely places the punches and dies from the tool magazine. It can contain up to 26.4m of tools. The versatility of the back gauge used on the HD ATC, 7 axes, provides multiple methods of gauging.

Workplace ergonomics is not neglected, a moving the foot-pedal and dynamic angle controller are automatically moved to the position of tools, freeing the operator of these tasks. Programs are generated by the Dr. ABE Bend software.

More than innovation, the HD-ATC press-brake is a revolution for the operator in terms of comfort and efficiency and a benefit to the company in terms of productivity.



We are happy to announce that our bending equipment has grown and we can introduce you to our brand new Bystronic Xpert 320 bending bench. You can find all the technical information from below.

Number of axles: 6
Bending power: 320 metric tons
Instrument: 4100 mm


Amada hft 170-4 Amada hft 170-4-2

The AMADA HFE 170-4 is press brakes represents the next evolution in bending technology. This high-precision, hydraulic, down acting press brake features a redesigned lower bed, high speed hydraulics and high speed gauging system.

Combined with Amada's advanced CNC controls, the HFE press brake series virtually eliminates time consuming shimming and offers quick set-up, even for multi-stage bending.


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